The website and newsletter will be dedicated to helping retailers navigate First Tuesday events

Home News Now, in partnership with High Point Market Authority (HPMA), is launching a website and thrice-monthly newsletter dedicated to helping retailers and designers have a better High Point First Tuesday experience.

The monthly event allows exhibitors to open their showrooms to retailers on an appointment-only basis, and the website,, will help dealers navigate First Tuesday with the latest on showroom openings, product introductions and more. The site goes live on March 1, just before the next High Point Tuesday event. Newsletters will follow three weeks, two weeks, and the week prior to the April 6-8 event and follow the same pattern ahead of future First Tuesdays.

The original High Point Tuesday event took place in November 2020, and Kevin Castellani, head of the High Point Tuesday committee, and director of external communications and brand positioning at Manwah, played a large role in the founding of the event. He encourages exhibitors to take advantage of it.

“I believe we’re creating an alternative to tradition,” Castellani says of High Point Tuesday. “The idea of opening a showroom once a month that everyone knows is available for dedicated meetings is going to be a format this industry embraces. Manwah is bringing people in just for business, and everyone that’s coming in is buying because they’re coming in for a purpose. That is changing the dynamics.”

High Point Tuesday will create a unique, compelling body of content and tool set that enhances the event and drives a better retailer experience. The newsletter will keep retailers and designers up to date on the latest news, product information and updated exhibitor information before each event. will include an actively managed exhibitor directory tool which will eliminate misinformation about which exhibitors are open. Participating exhibitors are asked to contact High Point Tuesday Editor Alex Milstein at with their opening status. Those noting plans to open will have a green tab beside their directory listing showing that they are actively participating in the current First Tuesday event.

Vendors not open for the current event and those who do not contact Milstein will have a red button adjacent to their listing showing that they are closed. This critical feature will eliminate buyer frustration by giving them up-to-date information about who is open and when, ensuring buyers do not visit locked showrooms that they assumed would be open for business.

“The first of these events took place in November, and I think the smart exhibitors worked hard to make sure they had preset appointments,” says Tom Conley, president and CEO of the HPMA. “That seems to be one of the things people aren’t recognizing — is that this is supposed to be an appointment-only kind of situation. It’s not an alternative to a market where people just wander around.”

“I’m excited to help make this event more efficient and effective for exhibitors, designers and retailers,” says Milstein. “If we come together as an industry with a common goal, I know we can make this event valuable to everyone involved.”

With the next High Point Tuesday event right around the corner, all home industry members can click here to sign up for the free newsletter: More information about the website and directory tool will be announced soon.

Sponsorship opportunities will be available for exhibitors. Contact Home News Now Publisher Rick Harrison at for more information.