To: All IHFRA Members
Fr: Ray Allegrezza
Re: Status of October High Point Market
I hope this note finds you and your families well and healthy.   I just got off the phone with Tom Conley, our friend and President and CEO of the High Point Market Authority and feel compelled to share the content of that call with you immediately.
Tom’s office  has been flooded with calls from retailers who are asking him to confirm reports that the upcoming October High Point Market has been cancelled.
This misinformation would be troubling enough, but when the Market Authority asked for the source of this information, the retailers told Tom’s office that this information came from their reps.
As I hope each of you realize, since the pandemic, IHFRA has worked extremely hard to provide you with the most recent information available regarding the Covid-10 virus, PPP funds, and the status of all furniture markets that our members may attend, including the October market [i]here in High Point.
Again, and for the record, the plan at this point is to hold the October furniture market as planned and as outlined by the Market Authority.   As you know, IHFRA was graciously asked for input regarding the format of the upcoming market, which we were happy to provide.
As of the writing of this note, Guildford County has been very positive about the plan and as previously reported, the plan will soon go to Governor Cooper’s office for final approval.
With that in mind, I am counting on each of you, should you be asked about the status of the upcoming market, to convey those two points.
While there is always a possibility that circumstances could impact current market plans, it is critical that, if asked about the status of market, IHFRA members convey factual information—until we hear otherwise, plans are for the October market to take place.
As reps, your customers rely on you for accurate information.   Please help me to share accurate information about the upcoming market.
While none of us can prevent industry gossip, we can each do our part to communicate accurately.
Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Ray Allegrezza
Executive Director
(336) 823-3065
Cell (336) 255-5905