Selling & Presenting Via Video TODAY ONLY 2pm EST

Selling & Presenting Via Video

The NEW essential skill in SELLING is being able to do a PRESENTATION VIA VIDEO. As we move to a more distance-centric sales environment, we are being forced to use tools like Zoom or other video conferencing platforms to connect, convince, and close a client.
Face-to-Face conversations will always exist, but, more and more companies will be shifting their sales efforts towards closing deals using some form of virtual selling or no-touch selling approach.
In this 30-minute webinar I will show you how to effectively structure a presentation, but more importantly, how to deliver it in an engaging way via video. Here are just a few things we’ll cover:
– Defining your presentation flow
– What is FRAMEcasting?
– How to keep clients engaged
– Dos and Don’ts of presenting via video
– Sequencing your questions
– Guiding a prospect during your presentation
– What buying signals to look for
– Doing Demos
– Communicating effectively
– Getting the prospect to ‘lean in’
– Effective Presentation Tools on Video
and much more!
Join me on April 30th, Thursday at 2pm (EST) by registering below.

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