10-20% off computers, laptops, tablets, audio, TVs, monitors, printers, and up to 30% off accessories.

For in-store purchases:

The Staples Advantage program is changing. In order to get your discount when shopping in a store, you will need to have an online profile set up through IHFRA. The stores will now look up your account with your phone number to confirm that you should get the discount.

PLEASE NOTE: All Staples store systems have not yet been updated; this is an ongoing process. They will have completed by the end of this year. If you have trouble, they should be able to look up our account by “IHFRA” or our account number, ATL 1649772. If the store associates cannot find our account, please have them contact our account manager, Scott Blue, 888-224-3784 ext. 84449.

If you shop at Staples, or would like to be set up to receive the discount with Staples, please click here and complete the short form. We will ensure that you are set up correctly and ready to get the very best pricing! If you need assistance, please call Bonnie (336-285-0193), or Steve (336-823-3067)

Online ordering:

You can also order copy/print jobs and products online! Just call the IHFRA Office or complete the Benefits Form to get started.

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