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Furniture Market Event

IHFRA’S Purpose:

Empowering Our Members

through networking, education, and strategic partnerships,
to foster innovation in the industry.


IHFRA’S Purpose:

Supporting Our Members

by providing over 60 unique resources and discount programs, exclusive opportunities, and access to trade shows through our Lapel Pin.

capitol building

IHFRA’S Purpose:

Advocating For Our Members

Serving as an industry authority, highlighting the benefits of a representative, sharing success stories, & lobbying in Washington.

At IHFRA, our purpose is clear: to empower, support, and advocate for our members in the home furnishings industry.

Headquartered in the furniture capital of the world, High Point, North Carolina, IHFRA is a member-based, not-for-profit 501(C)(6) trade association committed to the continuous growth and success of our members.As the industry evolves, so do we, embracing new methods of networking, education, and advocacy. IHFRA stands as a cornerstone of professionalism, productivity, and profitability for home furnishings representatives, embodying the principles on which we were founded while boldly charting a course toward a dynamic and empowered future.

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Current IHFRA Members
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Mark Your Calendar

FIAG 2024

Happening each October, The Furniture Industry Awards Gala,  is the event of the year, where we gather to reconnect with friends over good food & drink and recognize those who truly shined in the industry this past year.

All Stars 2025

In April, we host the IHFRA All-Stars event, a peer-to-peer awards program sponsored by our friends at High Point Exhibitions

Upcoming Events

“I have a lot of appreciation for IHFRA because there’s a very unique bond that exists in our industry. I’m a retailer, but it’s important for me to be a part of this group because there’s a really important bond that happens between manufacturers, sales reps, and retailers.” – Lael Thompson

"Inclusion within the group has been able to provide us with a ton of new connections and great people to work with. We’ve had a lot of fun getting to know the partners of IHFRA; being able to work with them has been an awesome experience. I’ve had a great time through membership and I highly recommend this to everybody in the furniture business to join IHFRA today.” – Jake Freedman

"IHFRA to me is much more about the benefits but about the benefit of community and what we as a group of independent representatives have been able to accomplish and do together” “and how the benefits of membership of having a place to go to speak to people, to network, and to help protect our interest within the industry." – Harris Kirsch

"The biggest reason why I like to use it is I’m able to get through the front door with the pin here, and it pays for itself just with the printing alone, and the savings you get with the discounts. The hotels, rental cars – it’s just a good organization and I’m proud to be a part of it.” – Kirk Handley

"My first experience with Hotel Engine scared me because I was worried it was too good to be true. Almost 70% off. Great news, it was true! Not only did I get a great deal, but it also qualified for loyalty points. I have used Hotel Engine multiple times and have even used it for my market reservation. Recent bookings have not been at 70% off, but still have been good discounts. I used to think the Office Depot benefits would pay for my membership, now I think it is Hotel Engine." – Mike C.

The rates were close to $600 using any of my other discount possibilities but, through IHFRA, I was able to rent a car with Enterprise for <$300! I just more than paid for my annual dues. Incredible! Thank you, IHFRA!" – Stan T.

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