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IHFRA Has Your Back—Launches Identify Theft Protection for members

In the event you just read this headline and wonder if there is a good reason to protect yourself and your family against identity theft, we can give you a host of reasons.  In fact, we can offer you some 60 million of them.
Those 60 million reasons represent some 60 million Americans that became victims of some form of fraud and or identity theft so far this year.
And if you were among the 60 million people impacted, it probably didn’t matter if it came at the hands of employment or tax-related fraud or credit card fraud or telephone or utilities fraud or bank fraud.
To help minimize the chance that you might be next, IHFRA has partnered with to help protect you and your family.
The company is offering IHFRA members—their families and their friends—a very affordable and comprehensive suite of services to help manage your personal identity and private information during various life events, including assistance in situations you may confront in natural disasters.
For less than $5.00 a month, you can have individual protection and for less than $7.00 a month, you can protect you and your family.
Benefits include:

  • *Individual and family identify theft resolution
  • *$50,000 ID theft expense recovery reimbursement insurance
  • *Personal Disaster Services
  • *Travel Identity Assist Services
  • *Social Media Services
  • *Document Replacement Services
  • *Protection for Minors Services
  • *Marriage and Divorce Identity Services
  • *Medical Identity Services….and more.

For more information, visit the company at

The promo code to use is IHFRA10
Click here for more information

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