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IHFRA Announces Limited-Time Membership

Special $99* Limited Offer From IHFRA!

For those members who have not yet renewed their membership—and for independent reps who have never joined– IHFRA is offering a special rate of just $99*, that will put you in good standing until December 2019. Use the promo code SPRING19.

As a member of IHFRA, you can participate in the group’s robust  package of benefits that run the gamut from competitively priced healthcare plans, substantial discounts on printing, office supplies, car rentals, identity theft programs and much more!

IHFRA is also getting ready to debut a new continuing education program that will only be available to current members and that alone is worth your membership!

IHFRA members also receive a lapel pin each year that not only identifies you as a member of our group but also gives you access to the key markets including the High Point and Vegas furniture markets.  

Need or want more info? Just click here:

*for regular $155 membership. All membership types are discounted.

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