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Office Depot|Office Max – there's more than meets the eye

The IHFRA discount with Office Depot | Office Max is one of, if not THE favorite benefit among our members. We love it too! But there are a few things you may not know about it!

  • The SPC (Store Procurement Card) will get you the discount no matter how you pay for the order, and it works in the store or online.
    • it is on the website when you log in (available only to active members)
    • You can print it and take it to your local store; they will laminate it for you to keep in your wallet
    • there are instructions on our website to text it directly to your phone
  • Our program has improved over the last couple of years. We used to be on the K-12 teacher discount program. So your discounts were limited to products teachers would buy. Now we get discounts on EVERYTHING!
  • We get 10% off technology!! That’s computers, laptops, tablets, keyboards & accessories, etc.
  • We get a 10% discount off name-brand inks and toners.
  • We get a 20% discount off store-brand inks and toners.
    • Could you use an extra $34 every time you buy toner? If you buy the HP951/950XL Combo pack (for example), you could!

  • Set up an online portal:
    • place your copy/print order online and then pick it up in the store.
    • order products online ( at IHFRA pricing
    • is regular retail pricing. Our online account is on The link to set up your account is on our website when you are logged in as a member.
  • We get 20 – 55% off retail on cleaning and break room products. Lots of things you need for your home like trash bags, candy, snacks, coffee, Clorox wipes, etc.
  • Any order you place online over $50 will be delivered FREE.
  • Special pricing on Copy and Print:
    • 2.5¢ black & white copies
    • 22¢ color copies
    • 40% off finishing services

Log in to the website now and go to the benefits page. Go to “Office Supply/Printing” to the section on Office Depot | Office Max to find links and instructions for setting up your online portal account. Instead of ordering from Amazon, go to your online portal and get it there instead!
If you aren’t yet a member of IHFRA and want to get discounts like these, along with lots of other benefits, click here and JOIN NOW!

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