Midwest Furniture Club Hosts Charity Golf Outing

(l to r) MFC Members: Ron Easter, Mark Dilling, Mike Connors, Jay Hogg, Gene Dilling, Bill Van Kat

Mike Connors, MFC; Mike Samuel, Steinhafel's; Chris Udouj, MFC; Dan O'Connell, MFC

Howard Fager, Roomplace; Brad Cofoid, MFC; Bill Van Kat, MFC; Jeff Sherman, The Bedding Group

Corey Chen, MFC

Scott Amundson, MFC

Scott Amundson, John Krause, Matt Krause, and Kevin Peterson

Arthur Serck, Mark Dilling, Rick Slovy, and Mike Connors. Many thanks go to Mark Dilling for organizing the event!

Marty Sobel, MFC; Bob Scheuneman, DeYoung's Furniture; and Arthur Serck, MFC
The Midwest Furniture Club kicked off its Annual Golf Outing at Whisper Creek Country Club in Huntley, IL on August 6, 2019 with a shotgun start. This event is held in memory of Bill Krause, and to raise money for his favorite charity, the A.G. Bell Montessori & Alternatives in Education for the Hearing Impaired (www.agbms.org). The Club has raised over $100,000 for the school over the last 10 years with this event. By offering golf packages and sponsorship options, as well as a raffle and auction, everyone can find ways to participate.

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