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Headline: Advisor HR Secures PPP benefits for its IHFRA Partners

 Advisor HR Secures PPP benefits for its IHFRA Partners using the Business Services
(IHFRA members who use the Advisor IREP program for business services including payroll, HR, compliance, health benefits, retirement planning, and business insurances received the PPP.)
While we all know times are incredibly tough, there is light at the end of the tunnel and no, it is not a train!
We recently received an update from Matt Monroe, VP Business Development at Advisor HR.  As you know, applying for the PPP program has been an uphill battle for many small businesses and independent contractors.
However, Advisor HR went the extra mile to make sure that all of the IHFRA members using their services are now set to partake of the Paycheck Protection Program.
What follows are the key points of Matt’s letter to us:
I wanted to update you on some current events that Advisor HR has accomplished for IHFRA members with the IHFRA business service programs.
 Advisor HR has worked for weeks to help clients keep employees paid. This is also true with all the IHFRA members using our services.
Hours of work and the dedication of the Advisor HR team have given us the ability to establish the Paycheck Protection Program for ALL IHFRA Members who are using Advisor IREP business services. This is a great win. Our team sent emails and phoned every IHFRA member with the news yesterday and on April 24, 2020 about how it will work. All members participating with were paid on April 24 and will be paid in May 2020 the PPP.
 It was my pleasure to call several of those members. I can tell you that every one of them was very happy that we had accomplished this for them. They were all very thankful that all their benefits and payroll was being covered by the plan (up to the maximums allowed) for two months.
Matt went on to point out that this unique program can only get even stronger as more IHFRA members participate in the Advisor IREP program.  Even if you want to keep your current health insurance, Advisor HR can add you to the program and help you with payroll, HR, compliance, administration of all employee areas and more.
If you currently are not enrolled in the Advisor HR IREP program and would like more information, contact Matt Monroe at

Matt Monroe
Vice President of Business Development
8712 Lindholm Drive Suite 210
Huntersville, NC 28078 – email us from the contact page.
Note: All PPP funding has been complete for IHFRA members who are using
Thanks and remember that together, we will move forward!
Ray Allegrezza

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