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Mike Root’s Wake Up Call

The Government is Finding New Innovative Ways to Tax Our Industry

This week there was an email dialogue between members of IHFRA’s Board of Advisors, that all in the industry should be concerned with.  It started with the observation that the new proposed “Infrastructure” bill in the Senate is going to tax miles driven.  This impacts everyone in our industry from retailers and their delivery trucks, factories on their freight, and reps doing their job of getting out to stores on a regular basis.  As a trade association for reps, IHFRA is very concerned about the impact this will have on additional costs in form of taxation for reps.

Posted on in the blog section is a link to an article explaining this new proposal.

Very few news media outlets are reporting on this as of yet because it is so far buried in the proposal.  Those in our industry leadership positions should look into it and encourage their employees and lobbyist to get ahold of their political representatives and vice their displeasure on this new proposal.

The industry should not only be concerned with the new costs this legislation brings but with how they will track the mileage.  Another part of the legislation proposal is to add some form of breathalyzer device to every new car whether you drink or don’t drink.  The extra costs of these devices if legislation passed will be added to every new car.  Will they ultimately want to add another GPS type device to cars and trucks so the government can keep track of the miles you drive and where you go?

Being a rep is tough enough without more government oversight and taxation.  I encourage you to  contact your Congressmen and Congresswomen now before it’s too late.

In response to the gas tax and other ongoing issues, IHFRA recently sent a letter to President Biden expressing our concerns over this and other proposals that may negatively impact you, our member. To read that letter, or use it as a template to contact your local elected officials, click here:

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