IMC Prepares for Spring 2021 High Point Market

HIGH POINT, N.C. – (Feb. 17, 2021) – International Market Centers (IMC) announced today that its Spring 2021 High Point Market offerings will include both showrooms and temporary resources as well as a robust lineup of digital tools for pre-market preparation and an all-virtual educational programming format. Spring Market runs June 5 – June 9, 2021.

“Spring Market is the perfect platform for retailers and designers to discover trends, source new product and make new connections,” said Bob Maricich, IMC CEO. “A successful High Point Market will play a pivotal role in the continued recovery of the furniture and home décor industries and we’re excited our properties can play a part in that.”



Home News Now launches High Point Tuesday


The website and newsletter will be dedicated to helping retailers navigate First Tuesday events

Home News Now, in partnership with High Point Market Authority (HPMA), is launching a website and thrice-monthly newsletter dedicated to helping retailers and designers have a better High Point First Tuesday experience.

The monthly event allows exhibitors to open their showrooms to retailers on an appointment-only basis, and the website,, will help dealers navigate First Tuesday with the latest on showroom openings, product introductions and more. The site goes live on March 1, just before the next High Point Tuesday event. Newsletters will follow three weeks, two weeks, and the week prior to the April 6-8 event and follow the same pattern ahead of future First Tuesdays.

The original High Point Tuesday event took place in November 2020, and Kevin Castellani, head of the High Point Tuesday committee, and director of external communications and brand positioning at Manwah, played a large role in the founding of the event. He encourages exhibitors to take advantage of it.

“I believe we’re creating an alternative to tradition,” Castellani says of High Point Tuesday. “The idea of opening a showroom once a month that everyone knows is available for dedicated meetings is going to be a format this industry embraces. Manwah is bringing people in just for business, and everyone that’s coming in is buying because they’re coming in for a purpose. That is changing the dynamics.”

High Point Tuesday will create a unique, compelling body of content and tool set that enhances the event and drives a better retailer experience. The newsletter will keep retailers and designers up to date on the latest news, product information and updated exhibitor information before each event. will include an actively managed exhibitor directory tool which will eliminate misinformation about which exhibitors are open. Participating exhibitors are asked to contact High Point Tuesday Editor Alex Milstein at with their opening status. Those noting plans to open will have a green tab beside their directory listing showing that they are actively participating in the current First Tuesday event.

Vendors not open for the current event and those who do not contact Milstein will have a red button adjacent to their listing showing that they are closed. This critical feature will eliminate buyer frustration by giving them up-to-date information about who is open and when, ensuring buyers do not visit locked showrooms that they assumed would be open for business.

“The first of these events took place in November, and I think the smart exhibitors worked hard to make sure they had preset appointments,” says Tom Conley, president and CEO of the HPMA. “That seems to be one of the things people aren’t recognizing — is that this is supposed to be an appointment-only kind of situation. It’s not an alternative to a market where people just wander around.”

“I’m excited to help make this event more efficient and effective for exhibitors, designers and retailers,” says Milstein. “If we come together as an industry with a common goal, I know we can make this event valuable to everyone involved.”

With the next High Point Tuesday event right around the corner, all home industry members can click here to sign up for the free newsletter: More information about the website and directory tool will be announced soon.

Sponsorship opportunities will be available for exhibitors. Contact Home News Now Publisher Rick Harrison at for more information.


IHFRA Weighs in on Biden Administration


Association leaders and analysts weigh in on the pros and cons of a Democrat-controlled Whitehouse and Congress

HIGH POINT — While acknowledging it’s a bit of a guessing game this early on, furniture industry association leaders and industry analysts see a fair amount of positives for the furniture industry under the new Joe Biden administration.


In interviews with Home News Now, they pointed to the possibility for new stimulus that could drive more business, to the potential calming of the trade tensions and a more nuanced approach to tariffs and trade concerns than the one witnessed under the former president. And they see all the economic benefits the industry stands to gain from the Biden administration’s emphasis and greater focus on getting the Covid-19 pandemic under control.



New tax on number of miles you drive? Incoming Transportation Secretary Buttigieg likes the idea

Buttigieg endorsed moving to a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) system as a presidential candidate.

Incoming Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has suggested taxing Americans for the number of miles they drive, a policy he endorsed as a Democratic presidential candidate.

The Biden Administration is actively searching for ways to fund its ambitious $1 trillion infrastructure plan.

Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., acknowledged "privacy concerns" related to implementing a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) system but said it should be considered as a potential replacement for the gas tax.


Business OF Home Magazine Interviews IHFRA’s Ray Allegrezza

Lead times are terrible. When will they get better?

For designers already sick of explaining to clients why their furniture is taking forever, here’s a fun new one: Your sofa might be sitting at the bottom of the ocean.

Last weekend, a California-bound cargo ship hit a patch of rough weather, and 750 containers were lost at sea. According to American Shipper, which covers the global supply chain and international transportation, the vessel—which is now being rerouted to Mexico so the damages can be assessed—was carrying more than 4,000 containers of furniture cargo, including goods from Amazon, Ikea and Williams-Sonoma. Such is the strange interconnected world of globalized logistics that rising barometric pressure over the Pacific Ocean can lead to an empty living room in Dayton, Ohio.


USTR Releases Findings in Section 301 Investigation of Vietnam’s Acts, Policies, and Practices Related to Currency Valuation



Washington, DC – The U.S. Trade Representative has issued findings in the Section 301 investigation of Vietnam’s acts, policies, and practices related to currency valuation, concluding that Vietnam ’s acts, policies, and practices including excessive foreign exchange market interventions and other related actions, taken in their totality, are unreasonable and burden or restrict U.S. commerce.  In making these findings, USTR has consulted with the Department of the Treasury as to matters of currency valuation and Vietnam’s exchange rate policy.



Check Out IHFRA's Webinar With Adam Glazer Part Two

As part of IHFRA’s ongoing mission to make our members as successful as possible—and in recognition of the impact that the pandemic has had on your business—we have called upon IHFRA’s outstanding legal counsel to present a two-webinar series specifically for sales reps on pandemic and other timely and critical issues.

The webinars will feature Adam J. Glazer, Partner at Schoenberg Finkel Beederman Bell Glazer LLC, leading law firm based in Chicago.

Adam’s outstanding work has been recognized by his peers and he has been named to the coveted peer-generated 2020 list of Leading Lawyers.

Session 2, recorded on November 11th 2020, covered the following topics:
▪ Recovering Commissions Under Contracts, Written and Oral
▪ State Sales Rep Protection Statutes
▪ Other Extra-Contractual Recovery Methods
▪ Post-Termination Commission Recovery
▪ Commonly Attempted Defenses to Commission Recovery Actions

You can watch the access the webinar here at any time. http://

If you would like a copy of Adam's presentation, you can access it here: Commission Recovery Presentation

Special Thanks to Adam Glazer, his team and to all of the IHFRA Members who attended our webinar series!

Check Out IHFRA's Webinar with Adam Glazer Pt.1

The team at IHFRA wants to thank the scores of members who signed up and attended part one of our two-part Webinar series presented with Adam Glazer and the members of his law firm of Schoenberg Finkel Beederman Bell and Glazer, LLC , our legal counsel. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Adam was joined by two of his associates, Andrew Bell and Matt Tyrell, who shared a wealth of knowledge and answered a host of questions regarding health and safety issues for traveling reps, applying for PPP loan forgiveness, changing tax laws and many other things.

In case you missed it, or simply just want to watch it again, you can access the video online from your computer, smart phone or tablet here:


We had several attendees submit questions in advance of the webinar and we’ve got the answers to your questions here:

Webinar Questions for Adam with Disclaimer

Curious about what people are saying about the webinar? Here are a few quotes from attendees:

  • “Lots of great information on many current and concerning topis. Looking forward to the November Webinar” ~ Tommy Coughlin
  • “Informative, educational and right on point. Time well spent.” ~ Ray Isser, IHFRA past president
  • “I received pertinent information from 3 talented lawyers that would have cost me a lot of money had I consulted with them on my own.  The subjects they covered were geared to my business as a 1099 and a small business owner.  My membership dues to IHFRA have more than paid for themselves this year.  I am looking forward to the next set of topics they will be presenting in November.” ~ Wendy Buzzard, President of Creative Visions Midwest
  • “I thought the webinar was great.  Lots of great information that was time sensitive, especially the information regarding the pandemic.  I’ve been in the industry over 40 years and still learned lots from this webinar.  I can’t wait till the second webinar in November.”   Tommy Leflein, past president, IHFRA.

Covid-19 Testing During High Point Market

IHFRA has received numerous calls from reps, suppliers and retailers asking for locations of facilities testing for the Covid-19 virus during the upcoming furniture market.
IHFRA reached out to the High Point Market Authority to check on this issue and to find out the Market Authority’s plans regarding Covid tests.
According to Tom Conley, President/CEO of the Market Authority, proactive plans are underway to identify locations that can do the testing during the market.
Conley advised those wanting to be tested to understand that the individual may be responsible for some or all of the cost of the testing.   He also said that, depending on the type of Covid-19 test performed, those being tested might not have test results back prior to them leaving market.
He advised that anyone requesting updated information regarding Covid testing should contact him at
Additionally, those coming to market and wanting to be tested for the virus can also click this link:
IHFRA wishes each of you a safe and productive market!