Check Out IHFRA's Webinar With Adam Glazer Part Two

As part of IHFRA’s ongoing mission to make our members as successful as possible—and in recognition of the impact that the pandemic has had on your business—we have called upon IHFRA’s outstanding legal counsel to present a two-webinar series specifically for sales reps on pandemic and other timely and critical issues.

The webinars will feature Adam J. Glazer, Partner at Schoenberg Finkel Beederman Bell Glazer LLC, leading law firm based in Chicago.

Adam’s outstanding work has been recognized by his peers and he has been named to the coveted peer-generated 2020 list of Leading Lawyers.

Session 2, recorded on November 11th 2020, covered the following topics:
▪ Recovering Commissions Under Contracts, Written and Oral
▪ State Sales Rep Protection Statutes
▪ Other Extra-Contractual Recovery Methods
▪ Post-Termination Commission Recovery
▪ Commonly Attempted Defenses to Commission Recovery Actions

You can watch the access the webinar here at any time. http://

If you would like a copy of Adam's presentation, you can access it here: Commission Recovery Presentation

Special Thanks to Adam Glazer, his team and to all of the IHFRA Members who attended our webinar series!

Check Out IHFRA's Webinar with Adam Glazer Pt.1

The team at IHFRA wants to thank the scores of members who signed up and attended part one of our two-part Webinar series presented with Adam Glazer and the members of his law firm of Schoenberg Finkel Beederman Bell and Glazer, LLC , our legal counsel. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Adam was joined by two of his associates, Andrew Bell and Matt Tyrell, who shared a wealth of knowledge and answered a host of questions regarding health and safety issues for traveling reps, applying for PPP loan forgiveness, changing tax laws and many other things.

In case you missed it, or simply just want to watch it again, you can access the video online from your computer, smart phone or tablet here:


We had several attendees submit questions in advance of the webinar and we’ve got the answers to your questions here:

Webinar Questions for Adam with Disclaimer

Curious about what people are saying about the webinar? Here are a few quotes from attendees:

  • “Lots of great information on many current and concerning topis. Looking forward to the November Webinar” ~ Tommy Coughlin
  • “Informative, educational and right on point. Time well spent.” ~ Ray Isser, IHFRA past president
  • “I received pertinent information from 3 talented lawyers that would have cost me a lot of money had I consulted with them on my own.  The subjects they covered were geared to my business as a 1099 and a small business owner.  My membership dues to IHFRA have more than paid for themselves this year.  I am looking forward to the next set of topics they will be presenting in November.” ~ Wendy Buzzard, President of Creative Visions Midwest
  • “I thought the webinar was great.  Lots of great information that was time sensitive, especially the information regarding the pandemic.  I’ve been in the industry over 40 years and still learned lots from this webinar.  I can’t wait till the second webinar in November.”   Tommy Leflein, past president, IHFRA.

Covid-19 Testing During High Point Market

IHFRA has received numerous calls from reps, suppliers and retailers asking for locations of facilities testing for the Covid-19 virus during the upcoming furniture market.
IHFRA reached out to the High Point Market Authority to check on this issue and to find out the Market Authority’s plans regarding Covid tests.
According to Tom Conley, President/CEO of the Market Authority, proactive plans are underway to identify locations that can do the testing during the market.
Conley advised those wanting to be tested to understand that the individual may be responsible for some or all of the cost of the testing.   He also said that, depending on the type of Covid-19 test performed, those being tested might not have test results back prior to them leaving market.
He advised that anyone requesting updated information regarding Covid testing should contact him at
Additionally, those coming to market and wanting to be tested for the virus can also click this link:
IHFRA wishes each of you a safe and productive market!

Victor Antonio Offers Free "Sales After Dark" Training Webinars

Keep an Eye on our website for announcements of  free "Sales After Dark" trainings from Victor Antonio!
If you attended our webinar back in April you should be getting the invite in your email inbox. We will start posting them here as well, so more people can take advantage of them.
Here is the link to his last live "Sales After Dark" Training  WATCH NOW
You can also search for more on You Tube and view what you have missed!


High Point Market Authority Expands Fall 2020 Market Dates

HIGH POINT, N.C., May 21, 2020 — In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the High Point Market Authority is expanding the Fall Market dates in an effort to spread out attendance and account for expected reduced capacity requirements for showrooms and buildings. Fall Market will now take place over 9 days from October 13 – 21, 2020.
In an effort to control the flow of attendees, buyers and industry members will be asked to select one of three, 3-day periods during the 9-day Market as their primary attendance dates during the online registration process. Domestic buyers and industry members have been divided into two regions based on the home state of their company headquarters. The regions breakdown was developed in partnership with the International Home Furnishings Representatives Association (IHFRA) to be sensitive to sales reps and typical regional territories. Those in Region A will be permitted to register for either Period I or II. Those in Region B will be permitted to register for either Period II or III.
The states breakdown for each region and the dates included in each period are outlined on the High Point Market website on the COVID-19 Updates page, International buyers and media will be allowed to select from any of the three periods. Students passes will only be available during Period III. For all attendees, showroom appointments will be highly encouraged.
“We anticipate less restrictive guidelines for large gatherings this fall, but the need for increased safety measures will still exist. Although we have over 11 million square feet spread over 13 city blocks, likely allowing us to have upwards of 50,000 attendees on any given day, we want to be overly cautious and stay below that maximum each day so all guests feel safe and comfortable attending and visiting their favorite showrooms,” commented Tom Conley, president and CEO of the High Point Market Authority.
Additional health and safety measures will also be in effect, such as increased sanitation and cleaning efforts, social distancing requirements, and enhanced medical services in an effort to create a safe and welcoming environment. Further details will be shared as plans develop.
“The safety and well-being of our stakeholders, industry members, and state and local citizens remain paramount,” commented Conley. “Our robust safety and security measures are being expanded to specifically address COVID-19, per guidelines shared by the CDC and local medical authorities. We remain in contact with our state and local health officials, and we will continue to engage with them over these next few months, updating our response plan as needed.”
To maintain fairness and ensure attendees adhere to the attendance periods, the Market Authority is working with buildings to enforce a “no early entry” policy, wherein buyers are not permitted to access the buildings nor showrooms prior to the opening day of Market on October 13. The Market Authority is also working with exhibitors, encouraging them to hold all product commitments until the close of Market after all regions have had a chance to attend and view product.
“The Market Authority staff and board of directors developed and reviewed several alternatives for Fall Market that were adaptive enough to accommodate enhanced safety precautions while still meeting the needs of our industry, state, and local community,” commented Dudley Moore, Jr., chairman of the High Point Market Authority’s board of directors and president of Otto & Moore. “This expanded and staggered plan was unanimously accepted by our board as the premier preference, given its ability to provide buyers with attendance flexibility while keeping safety as the top priority through a controlled flow.”
“High Point Market has been a staple in this community for well over a century now, and the impact of the spring cancellation was far-reaching for both our citizens and our local businesses. We welcome the return of this economic driver this fall, recognizing the boost will be much needed for business owners, while also keeping safety top of mind. We are already working closely with the Market Authority team as well as the proper medical authorities to ensure the safety of our citizens as well as the Market guests who will be visiting our great city this October,” commented City of High Point Mayor Jay Wagner.
Registration for Fall Market will open in mid-July at, at which time registrants will be able to select their primary attendance dates from the outlined periods. Pre- registration will be highly encouraged, although some modified on-site registration will likely be available.
About the High Point Market Authority 
The High Point Market Authority,, is the official sponsor and organizer of the High Point Market in High Point, N.C. Featuring an extensive selection of exhibitors spanning every category, style, and price point, and attracting tens of thousands of visitors from more than 100 countries twice each year, the High Point Market is the driving force of the home furnishings industry. Find the High Point Market anywhere online, and follow on social media using the hashtag #hpmkt.
High Point Market Authority
164 Main Street Suite 700
High Point, NC 27262
P: 336.869.1000
F: 336.869.6999
Contact: Ashley D. Grigg
Director of Marketing and Communications

US Re-opening: Find out what your state is doing

Dozens of states have announced plans to relax social distancing restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus – but few have yet to enact major changes.

Georgia has become a high-profile outlier after it set in motion aggressive plans to ease stay-at-home restrictions over the objection of some local officials and even President Donald Trump. Gov. Brian Kemp announced that gyms, tattoo parlors, hair and nail salons, massage therapists were among the businesses could reopen Friday. Restrictions on in-person religious services, restaurants and theaters were all also being relaxed.

But most states have favored a slower, more gradual approach. Many announced in recent days a framework for reopening, often with tentative dates or benchmarks where restrictions may be relaxed.

At the same time, a number of states are also making small moves to roll back the most severe restrictions. More states are again allowing elective surgeries. Some construction projects will resume. And plans to reopen parks and beaches are becoming more common.


Headline: Advisor HR Secures PPP benefits for its IHFRA Partners

 Advisor HR Secures PPP benefits for its IHFRA Partners using the Business Services
(IHFRA members who use the Advisor IREP program for business services including payroll, HR, compliance, health benefits, retirement planning, and business insurances received the PPP.)
While we all know times are incredibly tough, there is light at the end of the tunnel and no, it is not a train!
We recently received an update from Matt Monroe, VP Business Development at Advisor HR.  As you know, applying for the PPP program has been an uphill battle for many small businesses and independent contractors.
However, Advisor HR went the extra mile to make sure that all of the IHFRA members using their services are now set to partake of the Paycheck Protection Program.
What follows are the key points of Matt’s letter to us:
I wanted to update you on some current events that Advisor HR has accomplished for IHFRA members with the IHFRA business service programs.
 Advisor HR has worked for weeks to help clients keep employees paid. This is also true with all the IHFRA members using our services.
Hours of work and the dedication of the Advisor HR team have given us the ability to establish the Paycheck Protection Program for ALL IHFRA Members who are using Advisor IREP business services. This is a great win. Our team sent emails and phoned every IHFRA member with the news yesterday and on April 24, 2020 about how it will work. All members participating with were paid on April 24 and will be paid in May 2020 the PPP.
 It was my pleasure to call several of those members. I can tell you that every one of them was very happy that we had accomplished this for them. They were all very thankful that all their benefits and payroll was being covered by the plan (up to the maximums allowed) for two months.
Matt went on to point out that this unique program can only get even stronger as more IHFRA members participate in the Advisor IREP program.  Even if you want to keep your current health insurance, Advisor HR can add you to the program and help you with payroll, HR, compliance, administration of all employee areas and more.
If you currently are not enrolled in the Advisor HR IREP program and would like more information, contact Matt Monroe at

Matt Monroe
Vice President of Business Development
8712 Lindholm Drive Suite 210
Huntersville, NC 28078 – email us from the contact page.
Note: All PPP funding has been complete for IHFRA members who are using
Thanks and remember that together, we will move forward!
Ray Allegrezza

Breaking News...some states allow furniture stores to re-open!!!

South Carolina to Reopen Some Businesses Immediately, Georgia Plans the Same for Later in the Week

Two southern states are beginning the process of reopening their economy as soon as today, while the country continues to battle the coronavirus.
In South Carolina, Gov. Henry McMaster announced at a Monday press conference that certain businesses in the state would be allowed to reopen, cancelling the restrictions he made two weeks ago in an attempt to fight the spread of the coronavirus. He said beaches may open, depending on guidance from local jurisdictions.
Clothing stores, furniture stores, clothing good stores and florist shops are among the places that the governor said would allowed to be open as of 5:00 p.m. today. He tasked those businesses with maintaining social distancing measures within the stores.


Join IDS for our Virtual Educational Series! All webinars will be hosted on Zoom, and you must register using the links below.

TUESDAY, MARCH 24TH, 4:00 - 5:15 PM EST

Presenter: Nancy Ganzekaufer

Topic: What You Can do Now to Stay Focused and Keep Your Business Active


THURSDAY, MARCH 26TH, 1:00 - 2:15 PM EST

Presenter: Brad Clinard

Topic: Financial Design and Navigating Times of Uncertainty

In this webinar, Brad will provide an overview of how Financial Design can empower you as a successful interior designer. His passion is helping designers work towards viewing money as an abundant resource that can be approachable and even fun. However, with the challenges we are facing, he will also share some insight on navigating uncertainty and provide insight about potential impacts of the coronavirus including the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. He will be sharing a resource for IDS members to gain clarity on their investments and provide thoughts on how to survive an economic recession.

TUESDAY, MARCH 31ST, 1:00 - 2:15 PM EST

Presenter: Debra Scarpa

Topic: 7 Digital Changes to Help Your Business Survive and Be Better Than Before

In this webinar, Home Designer Marketing will uncover 7 action items for you to move your business online and survive during this crisis. Including: online meeting software tips, messaging in social media posts, ideas for building up your content calendar, live videos, file storage and project sharing, and how to audit your online presence. We’ll also include a couple of workbooks to take with you to help get you started. Our hope for this webinar is for you to leave with at least 1 thing you can do immediately to help your business survive and be better than it was before.



Presenter: Michelle Lynne

Topic: Managing Your Players From a Distance


TUESDAY, APRIL 14TH, 1:00 - 2:15 PM EST

Presenters: Jenna Gaidusek, Sarah Durnez and Kelly Fridline

Topic: eDesign 101



Presenter: Traci Connell

Topic: How To Get Back Up When Life Knocks You Down


THURSDAY, APRIL 16TH, 1:00 - 2:15 PM EST

Presenter: Yian Quach

Topic: Website Essentials to Survive an Economic Recession as an Interior Designer

In a down economy, there are fewer projects to go around. Are you doing enough to set yourself apart? In this webinar, Yian Quach will demonstrate several specific ways to elevate your website so you can attract more of your ideal clients. Since 2015, Yian has helped over 100 interior designers from those just starting out to award-winning designers published in Architectural Digest, Luxe, and more.